I'm a software developer based in Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining the industry, I worked in research where I focused on information visualisation using neural networks (a list of my papers can be found here). Most of my experience has involved working with Microsoft's tech stack (e.g. ASP .NET Core, Azure, UWP, Xamarin.Forms) where my main interest is in building cross-platform applications and agile software development. Some examples of applications I have worked on include the Windows Phone versions of the My Vodafone app, Qantas app and the Medicare UWP app. Back when Windows 8 came out, I had also built one of the Contoso apps that was used in one of the case studies on Microsoft's documentation on what was formerly called the Metro design language.

Since discovering the joys of working with Flutter, I have been looking to use it and learn more about it where possible. This has the led to the development of a number of open-sourced plugins and packages that I hope the community finds useful. Where possible, I use this blog to share information that I hope is of use to others as they continue to their journey with Flutter.

If you're looking to connect with me, check out the social media links posted on my blog. Do note that I generally don't accept requests from people I don't know through LinkedIn so please leave a personalised note in your request. A link to my GitHub profile can also be found in case you want to follow the projects I'm working on